The Zhuangyuan Pork Shank of Tongli Town is made in the following processes: first of all, the Pork Shank will be put to be boiled in the water. Then, dehair it and add 18 Chinese herbal medicines to boil them. After that, use slow fire to heat it. 80 Pork Shanks can be heated in a large pot each time. It takes about four hours to boil them. Iron pans which can absorb the moisture produced during the cooking process  and which can steam out the fat of the Pork Shank must be used to heat the Pork Shank. Only in that way can be Pork Shank made be crisp but not greasy. 

    They are sold in the following stores: 

    1. Jinbang Zhuangyuan Pork Shank: No.189, Xintian Street, Tongli Town      0512-63338733

    2. Jinbang Zhuangyuan Workshop: No.207, Xintian Street, Tongli Town        0512-63338988

    Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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