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Departure from Shanghai:Shanghai Suzhou Zhejiang Expressway ->Exit from Tongli ->Su Tongli Highway. (The whole process takes about 80 minutes)

Starting from Hangzhou:Changtai Expressway ->Get off at the southern exit of Wujiang. (The whole process takes about 120 minutes)

Departing from Nanjing:Beijing Shanghai Expressway ->Changtai Expressway ->Get off at Tongli Exit. (The whole process takes about 150 minutes)

Touring and self driving vehicles can be parked in the parking lots of Zhenbei, Zhendong, and Zhennan.


Flight toWuxi Sunan Shuofang International Airport - Suzhou Railway Station - Tongli Bus Station - Tongli

Flight toShanghai Hongqiao International Airport - Shanghai Hongqiao - Tongli Bus Station - Tongli


Train to Suzhou Railway Station - Suzhou Railway Station - Tongli

Train to Suzhou Railway Station - Suzhou North Railway Station - Tongli


Suzhou stations - Metro Line 4Tongli Station (Operation time of Tongli Station on Line 4: 6:00-22:25)

Suzhou Metro Line 4 Tongli Station to Tongli Scenic Area Guide
Suzhou Metro Station - Tongli Station on Line 4- Transfer to Bus 725 (get off at Shipailou Station). The first and last buses of Bus 725 are from 6:20 to 21:00

The first and last bus schedules for Tongli tourism:
Suzhou Metro Line 4 Tongli Station - Tongli Town North Parking Lot (every half hour)
The first and last bus schedules: 8:00-17:00 at Tongli Station on Line 4; Tongli Town North Parking Lot 8:30-17:30

Tongli Town North Parking Lot - Beilian - Tongli National Wetland Park (once per hour)
The first and last bus schedules: 8:00-17:00 at the North Parking Lot of Tongli Town; Tongli National Wetland Park 9:00-17:20

Suzhou Wujiang District Tourism Service Center:
Working hours: 7:30-17:00 Consultation hotline: 4008008519


If you encounter peak hours at Tongli Station on Line 4 of the subway, it is recommended to take bus 725 (get off at Tongli Shipai Tower Station)

Introduction to Tongli Station and Tongli Scenic Area on Bus and Subway Line 4
Bus route: Bus route 725
Bus operation time: 6:20-21:00, with a 10-12 minute interval between 6:20-18:00 and a 30 minute interval between 18:00-21:00; Unmanned ticket, ticket price 1 yuan (during air-conditioned period, ticket price 2 yuan);
Stopping along the way: Tongli Bus Station - Tongli Town Government - Tongli Ancient Town (Shipailou) - Yingyan Road Fuji Intersection - Yunli Road Fuhua Road West - Wujiang Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital - Tongli Station on Line 4.

Tongli Scenic Area to Beilian Village and Tongli National Wetland Park Guide
Travel shuttle bus from Tongli Town North Parking Lot to Tongli National Wetland Park
Free ride with a ticket to Tongli National Wetland Park, with a 1-hour interval between trips. The stop on the way is at Beilian Village Station.
Tongli Ancient Town - Tongli National Wetland Park Tourist Shuttle Operation Time:
Tongli Town North Parking Lot Station: 8:00-17:00 Stop midway at Beilian Village Station: Tongli National Wetland Park: 9:00-17:40 The last stop time at Beilian Village is 17:20
Kind reminder: From 11:30 to 12:30 noon every day is the driver's lunch break time. Departures will be temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.