Actually, it is very easy to make the fermented-rice small round dumpling. First of all, you need to boil the water; then, put the fermented-rice inside and add some soft sugar. Then, boil the water again and put the small round dumpling made just now into the water. After all round dumplings float on water, things will be done. Before the round dumplings are pulled out of the water, make them a starchy sauce. In addition, if some sugar osmanthus flowers are scattered, things will be better. The bowl of delicious fermented-rice small round dumplings seem to be glittering and translucent and they taste smooth and elastic. 

    They are sold in the following stores: 

    1. The Chen family liquor brew-house: No. 122 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town  0512-63338999

    2. Gold Tongli: No.212 Xintian Street, Tongli Town                         0512-63331808

    3. Strong-smelling preserved bean curd: No.127 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town, 0512-63319808

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