Raw materials selected by peasant families for native-chicken soup are all native-chickens raised by local residents of Tongli. They grow up in the countryside and they eat green grass, worms and unhulled rice. The native-chicken soup made by stewing the native-chicken with the flat and pointed wild fungi is delicious, fresh and tender, oil but not greasy. This is a kind of nuisanceless healthy food with high protein, low fat, low cholesterol and low salt. It can make you more beautiful and build up your body.   

    They are sold in the following stores:

    1. Gingko building: No.7-8 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town      0512-63320886

    2. Gold Tongli: No.212 Xintian Street, Tongli Town          0512-63331808

    3. Gold Crane Building: No.218 Xintian Street, Tongli Town   0512-63333583

    Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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