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  • 香香甜甜赤豆糕
  • 香香甜甜赤豆糕

      After the busy farming season, people in the countryside of Tongli like to eat a kind of sticky rice with the name of "Red Bean Cake". It is said that such kind of seasonal cake is loved by people of all ages in the town.

    They are sold in the following stores: 

    1. Laijun Pastry Store: No.31 Zhuxingdai, Tongli Town           0512-63336948

    2. Yingchun Pavilion Snacks: No.16 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town     15062536452

    3. No.1 Snack Store of Tongli: No.8-9 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town   0512-63331277

    Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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