Though there's an infinite number of snacks in Tongli, the osmanthus sugar lotus root is one kind which can be loved by both the young and the old. You can only have the chance to eat it once or twice a year because of its complicated production procedures and its strong seasonal feature. Because of the above reasons, this snack is more popular than common snacks.    

    They are sold in the following stores: 

    1. Sanmao Food Store: the bridgehead of Zhongchuan Road, Tongli Town    0512-63331109

    2. Tongli Local Specialties Store: No.31 Fuguan Street, Tongli Town      0512-63333815

    3. Strong-smelling Preserved Bean Curd: No.127 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town  0512-63319808

    Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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