As a famous thousand-year historical and cultural town, Tongli is the only ancient town listed into the provincial-level cultural relic protection units at town level. There are many kinds of cultural relics and historic sites in the town, including the 650000-square-meter well-preserved architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties, which occupy 61% of the general building areas. In the late 1970s, Tongli started its program in protecting cultural heritages. First of all, this town got specific information about its situation and invited relevant experts from Tongji University and construction and cultural departments at provincial and municipal level. They worked together to conduct a comprehensive and systematic survey to historical blocks, traditional residences, cultural relics and historic sites of the whole town so as to master present situations for the protection of cultural relics. In addition, they set up electronic archives and carried on dynamic managements.

Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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