It is easy to make the Gorgon fruit cake, which includes 6 steps, including selecting materials, pressing the powder, rubbing cake, steaming cake, placing it quietly and packaging it. Firstly, the Gorgon fruit cake shall be fresh. Thus, it is important to focus on the selection of raw materials. Generally speaking, fresh Gorgon fruit of September and October shall be selected as raw materials. Then, put the Gorgon fruit without the shell to the specified baking oven to bake it in low temperature for about 20 minutes. As long as the Gorgon fruit is well-done, use the rolling machine to roll them into fine powder. Then, mix the powdered Gorgon fruit power with the sweet rice flour and the white sugar and rub them until they are moist. Then, use a 60-hole mesh to sieve them to long-strip cake billets. The formed cake billets shall be put to the steam stove for 10 minutes or so. After that, the steaming hot  Gorgon fruit cake will be well-done.   

    They are sold in the following stores: 

    1. Let's Have A Taste: No.202 Xintian Street, Tongli Town      0512-60680206

    2. Tongli Three-bridge Local Specialties Store: No.16 Fuguan Street, Tongli Town 13405067548

    3. The Shop of the Lin Family: No.32 Zhuxingdai, Tongli Town,     0512-63323078

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