The Dragon Boat Festival comes on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month each year.

      Zongzi is the holiday food during the Dragon Boat Festival. According to the legend, the name "Zongzi" is called to commemorate QU Yuan who jumped in the river. It is a kind of traditional food with the deepest cultural accumulations in Chinese history. According to the record of historical documents, after the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Zongzi began to appear among the folk people. 

    They are sold in the following stores:

    1. Wufangzhai: Sanyuan bridgehead, Tongli Town               0512-63324177

    2. No.1 Snack Store of Tongli: No. 8-9 Zhuxing Street, Tongli Town   0512-63331277

    3. Laijun Pastry Store: No.31 Zhuxingdai, Tongli Town              0512-63336948

    Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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