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  • 李记阿婆茶
  • 李记阿婆茶
  • 李记阿婆茶

       “Grandmother Tea” can also be called as "Tea for Eating Vegetables" and "Peace-Making Tea". This was once a life style and custom naturally created when rural old women and their neighbors chatted with each other. Generally speaking, 8 people will sit around a table. They bring all kind of tea-tasting ingredients from their own homes. There are different Kinds of ingredients, such as the fennel beans, the smoked green peas, the grandmother dish, the dried carrot, the melon seeds, the pumpkin pie, the sweet green rice ball, the preserved plum and all kinds of preserved fruits. They will be put in the nine-interval plate of the host family. The host family will put some candies in the middle part of the plate to show the sweet life, to please tea drinkers and win some blessing words.

    Contact Person: LI Youfu (Boss Small Baldy)       

    Telephone: 13812740060   0512— 63338640       

    Remarks: You can drink the Grandmother Tea of RMB 80 Yuan each pot on the site or buy the bags of simply packaging ones (which can make 15 pots) with the cost of RMB 300 Yuan each bag. 

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