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  • 乐乡饭店
  • 乐乡饭店

      Lexiang Hotel sits near the Garden Bridge at the center of Ancient Town. It has simple and elegant surroundings. The hotel was once the governmental mess hall. Then, according to the development needs of domestic tourism market, it started to open to non-residents. Now, it is the designated restaurant of the government and it can meet the dining demands of 200 persons at the same time.  

    Contact Person: Boss Mr. Shen   

    Cellphone No. : 13962596166   

    Reservation hot-line: 0512—63331100    

    Fax: 0512—63331100

    Address: Near the garden bridge at the center of Tongli.
    Tel: 0512——63331100
    Tongli Ancient Town Protection and Administration Committee
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